69978 Tel Aviv, Israel
Office: Kaplun 110
phone: +972-3-6405385
fax: +972-3-6408179
My main field of interest is high-energy astrophysics and in particular the physical processes that are active in sources of high energy radiation, cosmic-rays, neutrinos and gravitational waves (see details).
Open Positions
The Israel Young Academy
Jets, Cocoons and GRBs
Fox et al., 2005
Credit: Stephan Rosswog
Propagation of a relativistic jet in a stellar envelope or an outflow from a compact binary merger generate fireworks across the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. My group study that using analytic modeling and numerical simulations.
The Israel Young Academy was established in 2012 by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, as an incubator for ideas and initiatives to leverage Israel’s academic abilities.
We are looking for:
  1.  Postdocs with background in numerical and analytic research (see call for applications here)
  2.  PhD/MSc students for various  projects in astrophysics