3D GRMHD simulations of
the Collapsar model

The movies below present the results of
general-relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations.
Credit: Ore Gottlieb, Alexander Tchekhovskoy

A jet that successfully breaks out from a star

Following the collapse of a rapidly-rotating massive star, an accretion disk forms around the newly formed black hole. The magnetic flux that falls onto the black hole generates through Blandford-Znajek mechanism (Blandford & Znajek 1977) Poynting flux dominated jets along the polar axes. The jets propagate along the axes, interacting with the stellar envelope prior to their breakout. If the jets manage to break out from the star, they emit a beamed gamma-ray radiation.

Meridional slice of the logarithmic mass density in a 3D GRMHD simulation. Black lines delineate magnetic field lines.

The simulations have been conducted with the public code HARMPI

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