Department of Astrophysics
Tel-Aviv University


Name Supervisors Research Topic
Aharaon, Danor Mazeh, Tsevi  
Angeloni, Rodolfo Contini, Marcella Dust and gas spectra in symbiotic stars
Alexander,Tal Netzer, Hagai Role of Stars in Broad Line Emissions of AGN
Almog,Uri Sternberg, Amiel Ultraviolet Emission from Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen
Almog,Yael Netzer,Hagai The spectrum of HeI
Almoznino, Elhanan  
  • Star formation in late type dwarf galaxies: Relations between history and rate of star formation and observational parameters. Morphology of H II regions in the galaxies and influence of cluster environment on the overall star formation rate.
  • Contents of dust in starburst galaxies, the effect of the surrounding dust on the appearance of the burst stellar population in small and large galaxies.
  • TAUVEX project
Arieli, Yinon Rephaeli, Yoel Hydrodynamical simulation & non-thermal phenomenas in galaxies & clusters
Balila, Ohad Netzer, Hagai
Sternberg, Amiel
Accretion Massive Black Holes
Bar-Or, Eyal Levinson, Amir
Netzer, Hagai
Continuum Spectrum of AGN's
Barzilay, Yudith Levinson, Amir Structure of relativistic outflows from collapsar disk
Ben-Zion, Shachar Leibowitz, Elia Cataclysmic Variable Stars
Bilenko, Benny Brosch, Noah
Beck, Sara
Blue compact galaxies in voids
Boger, Gai Sternberg, Amiel Molecule Formation in the Interstellar Medium
Bromberg, Omer Levinson, Amir Hydrodynamics and Collisionless shocks in high energy gases interactions
Capellupo, Daniel Netzer, Hagai
  • Active galactic nuclei (AGN) and quasars
  • Quasar accretion disk outflows
  • Chelouche, Doron Netzer, Hagai Highly ionized gas & the UV X-ray connection in AGN's
    Choi, Young-Jun Brosch, Noah
    Prialnik-Kovetz, Dina
    Kuiper Belt objects
    Cohen, Alon Sternberg, Amiel Star formation regions
    Contini, Thierry   Starburst galaxies
    Curtis, Keren-Or Maoz, Dan Write Dwarfs
    Daniels, Julian Brosch, Noah Faust observations of UV sources

    Mazeh, Tsevi
    • Analysis of eclipsing binary star systems - developing algorithms that take into account stellar tides, reflections and relativistic effects (BEER)
    • Finding the distribution of fundamental stellar properties
    • Creating pipelines for cataloging Kepler and CoRoT light curves
    Drukier,Gavriel Mazeh, Tsevi Extrasolar planets and globular star clusters
    Dzigan, Yifat Broadhurst, Tom
    Barkana, Rennan
    Strong lensing of cluster members
    Dvorkin, Irina Rephaeli, Yoel Hierachical Formation of Galaxy Clusters
    Eldar, Avigdor Levinson, Amir Internal shock model of blazar variability
    Evenstein, Reut Rephaeli, Yoel Properties of C D galaxy
    Faran, Tamar Poznanski, Dovi Core Collapse Supernovae
    Fialkov, Anastasia Barkana, Rennan 21-cm cosmology
    Finkelman, Ido Brosch, Noah
    Netzer, Hagai
    Dust and Ionized Gas in E/S0 Galaxies
    Gal-Yam, Avishay Maoz, Dan Supernovae in Galaxy Clusters
    Giveon, Uri Maoz, Dan Long-Term Variability Properties of the Palomar-Green Quasars
    Globus, Noemie  
  • Energy extraction of Kerr Black Holes
  • Acceleration and collimation of relativistic jets
  • Acceleration and propagation of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
  • Goldberg, Dorit Mazeh, Tsevi Secondary-mass-distribution of spectroscopic binaries
    Goldshmidt, Oleg Rephaeli, Yoel Nonthermal Phenomena in Clusters & Starburst Galaxies
    Gorbykov, Evgeny Brosch, Noah
    Beck, Sara
    Wide-field ground-based observations in support of TAUVEX
    Gnat, Orly Sternberg, Amiel Evolution & Properties of Gas in Cosmological Minihalos and the Intergalactic Medium
    Graur, Or Maoz, Dan Supernovae
    Hall, Rony Mazeh, Tsevi  
    Heller, Anna Brosch, Noah
    Leibowitz, Elia
    LSB dwarf galaxies
    Hemar, Shirley Leibowitz, Elia Optical Light Curve of Black Hole Candidates
    Hoory, Efi Mazeh, Tsevi The eclipse of the star KH15D
    Horesh, Assaf Maoz, Dan Supernovae
    Kitai, Ron Sternberg,Amiel
    Netzer, Hagai
    Iron lines in AGN
    Kovo-Kariti, Orly Beck, Sara Massive Star Formation in Galaxies
    Krymolowski, Yuval Mazeh, Tsevi Long-Term modulations in hierarchical triple systems
    Laor,Ari Netzer, Hagai Continuum Emission of AGN
    Lemze, Doron Rephaeli, Yoel
    Barkana, Rennan
    Cluster mass profiles from Lensing;X-ray & S-Z Measurements
    Lipkin, Yiftah Leibowitz, Elia Photometric study of the Nova V6333 Sgr.
    Louzoun,Yoram Rephaeli,Yoel CMB anisotropy induced by the S-Z effect
    Mamou, Joshua Rephaeli, Yoel Non thermal spectra from NGC253
    Markus, Barak Mazeh, Tsevi Extrasolar Planets
  • Stellar Rotation and Variability
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Extra-Solar Planets
  • Medezinski, Elinor Rephaeli, Yoel
    Broadhurst, Tom
    Observations of Clusters of Galaxies
    Mendelson,Haim Mazeh, Tsevi Photometric Study of Massive X-Ray Binaries
    Mikoulizky, Ziv Levinson, Amir Monte-Carlo simulation of relativistic radiation dominated shocks
    Mirmelstein, Mark Maoz, Dan Supernovae
    Mor,Rivay Netzer, Hagai The AGN-Starburst connection in high lumenosity AGN's
    Moran,Amit Mazeh, Tsevi Photometry with WHAT - Field #296
    Morandi, Andrea  
    • X-ray, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich and lensing observations of galaxy clusters to gain insight into intracluster medium, dark matter and cosmological parameters.
    • Theoretical modeling of the reionization of the universe, and analysis of related observations.
    Naaman, Meirav Netzer, Hagai
    Brosch, Noah
    Nachmani, Gil Mazeh, Tsevi Search for Extrasolar Planets
    Naoz, Smadar Barkana, Rennan High-z 21cm fluctuations
    Neistein, Eyal Maoz, Dan Tully-Fisher Relation for S0 Galaxies
    Ney, Addie Mazeh, Tsevi Light Curve of AM-Herculis
    Nordon,Raanan Sternberg, Amiel Netzer, Hagai
  • Galaxy formation and their super-massive black holes co-evolution
  • Star formation at high redshifts
  • Stellar coronae and X-ray flares
  • Infrared astronomy
  • X-ray spectroscopy
  • Noter, Shay Barkana, Rennan Cosmic variance of galaxies
    Ofek, Eran Maoz, Dan Cosmological applications of gravitational lensing
    Ofir, Aviv Hatzes, Artie
    Search for Planets in Eclipsing Binary Systems
    Oron,Assaf Rephaeli, Yoel Approximation to Relativistic Comptonization in Clusters
    Polishook, David Brosch, Noah
    Prialnik-Kovetz, Dina
    Asteroids & Meteors, Spaceguard
    Poznanski, Dovi Maoz, Dan Supernovae
    Raban, David Broadhurst, Tom VLT Measurements of the gas temperature profile of A1689,
    via Compton scattering of light from the central galaxy
    Radai, Yaron Rephaeli, Yoel Non-thermal phenomena in clusters of galaxies:
    modeling and cosmological impact
    Rashkovan, Viki Brosch, Noah Neural-Network Classification of Galaxies in Cluster
    Rathaus, Ben Sternberg, Amiel Analytical models of galaxy formation
    Retter, Alon Leibowitz, Elia Classical Nova Systems
    Saar, Amir Rephaeli, Yoel Clustering properties of magnetic monopoles
    Sagi,Eran Nakar,Ehud Particle acceleration efficiency in relativistic shocks
    Sharon, Keren Maoz, Dan Evolution of baryons & dark matter in clusters of galaxies
    Schijvarg, Shmuel Brosch, Noah
    Podolak, Morris
    Observations of High Altitude Meteors
    Shemi, Amotz  
  • Cosmic fireballs & -ray bursts
  • TAUVEX project
  • Shemmer, Ohad Netzer, Hagai Black Hole Mass, Accretion Rate, and Metal Abundances in Active Galactic Nuclei
    Shochat, Stephen Netzer,Hagai broad absorption lines in AGN
    Shporer,Avi Mazeh, Tsevi Extra solar planets
    Shvartzvald, Yossi Maoz, Dan The abundance of planetary systems in the Galaxy
    Sirotkin, Alexander Benjamini,Yoav
    Brosch, Noah
    INES Data Mining
    Slone, Oren Netzer, Hagai Accretion disks in AGNs
    Sokol, Gil Mazeh, Tsevi Kepler and Corrot light curve
    Spiegelglas, Jonathan Mazeh, Tsevi Kepler and Corrot light curve
    Steindling, Susanna Brosch, Noah
    Netzer, Hagai
    Exragalactic Stroemgren Photometry - evolution of cluster galaxies
    Stupp,Amnon Kozlovsky, Ben-Zion
  • -ray Spectrum from SN1987
  • Gyrosynchrotron Microwave Emission from Solar Flares
  • Svirski, Gilad Nakar, Ehud Soft gamma-repeaters
    Tal-Or, Lev Mazeh, Tsevi Extrasolar planets
    Tommasin, Silvia  
  • Role of Black Holes and Star Formation Processes in Active Galaxies
  • Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Trakhtenbrot,Benny Netzer, Hagai Evolution of Super-Massive Black Holes in AGN
    Tsodikovich, Yevgeny Mazeh, Tsevi Triple stellar systems
    Yankovitch, Doron Rephaeli, Yoel Determination of the Hubble constant from S-Z and X-ray measurements
    Van Hoven, Maarten
    Wang,Jian-Min Netzer,Hagai AGN accretion disks
    Weingarten, Carmiya Brosch, Noah
    Leibowitz, Elia
    Star forming low surface brightness galaxies in voids
    Zilka, Miri Sternberg, Amiel Star-formation in the Galactic Center
    Zitrin,Adi Rephaeli, Yoel
    Broadhurst, Tom
    Strong Lensing
    Zoran, Oren Barkana, Rennan Star formation in the HDF
    Zucker, Shay Mazeh, Tsevi A large survey of G-type stars in search of planets

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