The Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Physics and Astronomy

Department of Astrophysics

Astro-coffee meetings take place during the academic year in
Kaplun 106 (Semester A) and in Kaplun 103 (Semester B)

An email with the daily pick of astro-ph papers to be discussed at each meeting is circulated among all Astrophysics faculty, students, and staff on the previous evening.

If you would like to lead a session, or a discussion of a particular paper, please contact Prof. Dan Maoz.

Monday 11:10-11:40
Kaplun 106
Semester A
Wednesday 11:10-11:40
Kaplun 106

07/Nov/2016 (Mon) Dani
09/Nov/2016 (Wed) Amir
14/Nov/2016 (Mon) Shmuel
16/Nov/2016 (Wed) Amiel
21/Nov/2016 (Mon) Noah
23/Nov/2016 (Wed) Technion GW workshop
28/Nov/2016 (Mon) Hagai
30/Nov/2016 (Wed) Richard
05/Dec/2016 (Mon) J. Fortney colloqium
07/Dec/2016 (Wed) Tsevi
12/Dec/2016 (Mon) Yakov
14/Dec/2016 (Wed) Dovi
19/Dec/2016 (Mon) Sara
21/Dec/2016 (Wed) Shai
26/Dec/2016 (Mon) Dalya
28/Dec/2016 (Wed) Na'ama
02/Jan/2017 (Mon) Ore
04/Jan/2017 (Wed) Tomer S.
09/Jan/2017 (Mon) Nuria
11/Jan/2017 (Wed) Caterina
16/Jan/2017 (Mon) Simchon
18/Jan/2017 (Wed) Meir Z-H
23/Jan/2017 (Mon) Omer
25/Jan/2017 (Wed) Rennan

Monday 11:10-11:40
Kaplun 103
Semester B
Wednesday 11:10-11:40
Kaplun 103

20/Mar/2017 (Mon) Dani
22/Mar/2017 (Wed) Rennan
27/Mar/2017 (Mon) Noah
29/Mar/2017 (Wed) Yakov
03/Apr/2017 (Mon) Shmuel
05/Apr/2017 (Wed) Tsevi
19/Apr/2017 (Wed) Na'ama
24/Apr/2017 (Mon) Alexandra
26/Apr/2017 (Wed) Richard
03/May/2017 (Wed) Amiel
08/May/2017 (Mon) Dovi
10/May/2017 (Wed) Sara
15/May/2017 (Mon) Shai
17/May/2017 (Wed) Itamar R.
22/May/2017 (Mon) Omer
24/May/2017 (Wed) Dalya
29/May/2017 (Mon) Edwin
05/Jun/2017 (Mon) Omer
07/Jun/2017 (Wed) Caterina
12/Jun/2017 (Mon) Simchon
14/Jun/2017 (Wed) Meir Z-H
19/Jun/2017 (Mon) Christopher
21/Jun/2017 (Wed) Amir
26/Jun/2017 (Mon) Hagai
28/Jun/2017 (Wed) Aviad C.